Goodbye Ardila, Hello Boswell 6-30-2014

Well, the most interesting thing I have to tell you all this week happened yesterday. We were walking down the street after church in the afternoon and a woman walking the opposite direction passed by. I go “Buenas tardes,” just being nice ya know, didn’t even try to stop her to talk…and she just screams at me “DON’T BOTHER ME. I’m not Mormon!!!” Wooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. So yeah that’s what my week was like…..

Haha okay but it was actually not a bad week. I feel like we actually didn’t work that much though….because first of all Monday was Pday. Then Tuesday we had district meeting in the morning and after only a couple hours later in the afternoon all the power in Cieneguilla went out and it’s winter here and got dark fast so we had to go home way early. Then on Wednesday was the farewell multizone conference for President Ardila and his family. And I’m pretty sure it was supposed to only last until lunchtime but everyone was crying and talking and saying goodbye and then we had to travel back to our area and it was like 6 when we actually started to proselyte. We are going to miss them so much, but I am really excited to meet our new President on Saturday this week I think. 
Yeah that’s really it….there’s not too many people yet that I can talk about and well everything is just kind of fine, nothing’s wrong but nothing amazing. I miss actually teaching and not just contacting a bunch….but this week we’ve got some appointments I’m really excited about so get ready for next Monday!
This picture is all the hermanas in the Cieneguilla ward on Hermana Gonzales’ birthday. The one on my right is Hermana Flores from guess where in Argentina! TUCUMAN. Yup. The same district where Em is right now….as if I needed another reason to think about you everday! She’s hilarious. 
Love from Lima,
Hermana Villarini

The Cycle of Pride 6-16-2014


But before I forget….¡Feliz día del Padre! Es tarde pero no pude entrar al internet ayer, lo siento papá. Espero que lo hayas pasado bien. La segunda foto en esta carta tomé especialmente para ti.

So I came up with this analogy to explain what’s going on right now with us and in our area. In the Book of Mormon there is this pride cycle. (Try and read that whole book without getting a little frustarted with those dang Nephites!) The Lord blesses the people when they’re being good and keeping the commandments, so they start to get prosperous. They’re really happy for a while, and they’ve got everything they need so they start to get prideful and start doing their own thing and forget about the commandments. So then they go through their wicked stage before they realize they have to repent and then they start being good again and the blessings return. Well the pride cycle of Alameda 1 started a couple months ago when I got to the area. Things were going alright, but then Hermana Mack and I started working hard and we were on fire and everybody was progressing and we were happy and getting along splendidly and had 5 baptisms in one month. So we got a little prideful and kind of forgot to keep looking for new people….and last week the last of our group was finally able to get baptized and Hermana Avendaño and I realized we didn’t have anyone left to teach besides recent converts and less actives. So this week we entered the repentance stage of the cycle and spent a loooot of time searching. It was a little rough and I may or may not have been a little low on ánimos. But it’s cool….we know that the prosperous stage isn’t too far away and this time we know what we’ve got to do to not fall again.
Eduardo got a calling yesterday…he’s the new second counselor in the Young Men’s presidency! Woohoo! He told me to tell you all hi. 
Hermana Sagástegui is on her way home right now so that’s a little crazy and like I say every week the time is passing faster and faster…..transfer calls are tonight and I wonder where I’ll be. I obviously want to stay here…one reason being Alameda is missionary dreamland. The people are so receptive and the ward is extremely supportive….yesterday the elder’s quorom president handed me a list of all the days and times that people can come with us to appoinments. And our room is really awesome…..and I’m in love with the people of course. Also I have poured my life into this area book. Mom I’m pretty sure that’s what finally turned me into an organized person by the way, getting so frustrated with the kinds of conditions other missionaries leave all the teaching records and information that goes in there so now I’m OCD about it. But I figured out that Heavenly Father doesn’t give me what I want if I pray to stay in an area or with a companion…(I miss Hermana Mack soooo much) so instead I just pray that I’ll accept His will whatever it may be. It works better that way. Besides, I did get to come to a foreign country and speak Spanish which was what I really wanted so I am pretty happy with that! Also I never would have wanted to leave Salamanca but if I didn’t I would never have gotten to be here in Alameda so I’m cool with whatever. 
Did you all know how important you are to me? It’s a lot! Yesterday we ate lunch with the Ñañas and started off their goal to read the Book of Mormon together as a family and it was just nice to be with them on Father’s day and everyday I just feel more and more grateful for my own family. And I wish that I could have family prayer and scripture study with you and think what a dummy I was for being hard about it sometimes. Anyway, LOVE YOU GUYS. 
Til next Monday.
Love from Lima,
Hermana Villarini

Remember who you are 6-9-2014

So last week I didn’t write that much and I kind of used time as an excuse but the truth is I really just didn’t have a lot to tell because I’d been in kind of a funk that week. It happens sometimes right, when you just feel down for no reason? Well it could have been a number of things but I’m back on track don’t worry. Just means I’m a missionary but still a normal person. I used to think that missionaries were perfect angels but you might all be surprised to know they’re not. Some are closer to it than others (I hope I’m one of them) but we’re all just trying to be more like Christ and as missionaries we just have more opportunities to do it all day every day! The only other thing I had on my mental list to tell you was that I found a place that sells Snickers. Yay America! Oh and you might want to know a little more about that family that got baptized I don’t think I’d ever talked about them. Their parents are members but were less active when they turned 8…they’re 12 and 13 now. Other missionaries last year reactivated the parents but dang let me tell you those girls were tough to crack! Lots of hermanas waited for that day that they got baptized haha but it was sooooooo sweet that their dad was the one who got to do it. The mom kind of reminds me a little bit of you, Momma. She’s my Peru mama. I already have a few of those haha.

Do you all remember how at home when I really like a song, I go buy it on iTunes and then it’s the only thing I listen to for about 4 days to a week until I move on to another one? Well the same thing happens on the mission but with the topics I choose for personal study. I spent literally almost two whole weeks studying all about the Holy Ghost, then a week on the Plan of Salvation (woah learned a TON….go study that in detail I promise you will learn something new) anyways last week or the week before I got on to Chapter 1 of Preach My Gospel, which is about our purpose as missionaries. Sometimes it’s so easy to forget why we’re really here and I loved studying that chapter cause it just puts it all in perspective. Having baptisms doesn’t really mean you’re a good missionary if you’re not obedient and becoming more Christlike and actually working hard. Last week we got to go to a rich part of Lima for a Pday activity and while we were there we went to this big supermarket called Metro. I needed to buy a new camera, but there’s a rule in the mission that you can’t use your personal card or take money out without getting permission first. I guess the point is to help us learn how to live with just a tiny budget….but anyway I walked into that store and I was like “WOOOOW” ……but really it would have just been like walking into a normal Target at home. Anyway I wanted to buy the camera but didn’t have permission and was torn because I knew they would give me permission anyway and I just wanted the camera right then. But I decided to wait. And when I left the store I was shocked at myself because it didn’t take even a whole hour for me to just walk into a normal store and go back to the “I want it NOW” mode that everyone is so used to at home. I just thought to myself, why is it so easy to forget what really matters sometimes? We go about our normal lives everyday and we might even be saying our prayers and reading our scriptures daily and going to church everyweek, but sometimes we still forget who we really are and why we’re really here. I thought of Dad’s phrase “Remember who you are” and wrote it all over my agenda so that it’s a little bit harder to forget. I love being a representative of Christ and I think most of the time I don’t even really realize what that means and I’m so used to wearing the tag everyday I forget what a privilege it is to bear His name. But I kind of felt renewed this week after studying that chapter and having that experience to do a better job at serving with “all my heart, might, mind, and strength.”
So how’s everyone doing reading the Book of Mormon? You’re all reading, right??? I knew it. Keep up the good work and let me know how it’s going. I started it in Spanish and I’m in Mosiah. King Benjamin is a pretty legit guy.
Until next Monday!
Love from Lima,
Mandypandy ummmm woops I mean Sister Villarini.

I’m sorry too… 6-2-2014

First of all I just need to complain because Miley Cyrus isn’t even escapable in Peru…We Can’t Stop is playing right now and I want to barf! So not as good as all the Spanish love songs they usually play. Those at least always remind of hearing dad singing at home.

Woops so I wrote that when I first logged on but then saw the million emails I got this week (thank you yayyy I love feeling loved!!!!) but responded to a bunch of those and now I don’t have time to tell you about how this week went….but not alot happened anyway except our baptism. Oh and stake conference yesterday with Elder Uceda of the 70! Remember him from Caldwell stake?
Looks like me and Em are on the same wavelength but yeah I promise mine will be better next week too!
Love the dresses they wore….the one Milleth is wearing is actually the same temple dress I have! Okay yeah sorry for so few details.
Love from Lima
Hermana V