I bet almost none of you can pronounce CIENEGUILLA. 6-23-2014

Yup, that’s right. Les escribo desde Cieneguilla, La Molina. Okay well it’s not technically part of La Molina but that’s what the stake is called, I don’t know it’s weird. Anyway, I had transfers! I thought maybe this time there wouldn’t be any tears shed since “the first cut is the deepest” but yeah it was just as hard to leave Alameda. Monday night we had an appointment right when Pday ended with an amazing FAMILY that we found one day that we decided to knock a few doors, something we don’t usually do….oh my gosh that was such a great lesson with them, the first one, and I felt something so special for them. It was one of those moments where you just know that these people have been waiting for missionaries to get to their house. Anyway we walk out of their house and get the call that I was on my way out the next morning. But I felt super calm that night and all day the next day until after my first day here we got back to our room at night and when I got into bed I realized I wasn’t home anymore and then I did cry. 

This area and the ward have a lot of challenges that I’ve never had to deal with before. One of the last missionaries that was here was sick for a long time so there’s a lot of work that didn’t get done and there’s not that many investigators. Also it’s absolutely huge, and I forgot how not fun it is to not know where you are or to know anyone. So the first couple days I just wasn’t my happy self and just wishing I was in Alameda but then I thought of it this way….transfers are like when you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and then start a new relationship. If you’re just thinking about or talking about your ex the whole time the new relationship just isn’t going to work. So you better get over it fast and just remember the happy memories of the old one but love the new one as much as you can and then you’ll be happy. (Yes, I really did just make this comparison, Emily, and you know exactly what I’m referring to.)
The good news is it didn’t take me too long to start loving Cieneguilla. The cool thing about Peru is that I have found family and love in every place I’ve been too so far. I literally met someone who knows Dad….and Josh Magleby. There are members here that have already helped us so much and there was a ward activity on Friday so I got to meet a lot of people and get into the groove. It’s really different than any other place so far…but it’s actually a lot more like what I imagined my mission would be like when I got called to Peru. Every time I have a transfer there is more and more dirt….Salamanca was pretty much all very city, Alameda is city-ish too but with more dirt, and there are only a couple main roads in Cieneguilla that are paved. Maps of this place don’t even exist which makes it hard for two missionaries who don’t really know the area that well….my companion has only been here for 4 weeks. It’s really pretty though. Next week I’ll have to send you pictures.
Something else that transfers always bring is the reminder of how Italian my last name sounds….seriously, I know that SOMEBODY knows that story. Will one of you ask Nana? I really want to know….not just to answer everyone’s questions but because I seriously wanna know! Maybe it would just be easier if I told everyone that yes, I am from Italy. 
You know you’re a missionary when you have dreams about mail coming….yup that happened to me this week. I was kinda sad when I woke up and it wasn’t real but then I just laughed that I actually dreamed about that. 

Oh yeah, my new companion is Hermana Gonzales from Chimbote, Peru. She has the same time in the mission as me and she’s pretty awesome so I am looking forward to this transfer with her. Speaking of time in the mission…happy 8 month birthday to me TODAY. Wow how crazy. I don’t want you all to think I’m counting because I’m trunky, but everyone in this mission knows and asks what day is your mission “birthday.” It’s Hermana Gonzales’ real birthday this Saturday. She turns 20 so for her birthday present we are going to find a new family. 🙂
Time has escaped me once again but like I always say the time passes faster and faster so talk to yall next Monday, very soon!
Love from Lima,
Hermana V

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