Possibly the best week of my mission 8-18-14

Ummmmm so I know I start like almost every email saying I don’t even know where to start, but this time I really don’t know where to start. How about with Tuesday night’s phone call from the district leader.

Elder Panta: Hermana Villarini, you’re going to stay in Cieneguilla and you’re going to be with Hermana….Bledsoe.
Me: Hermana What????
Elder Panta: Blexso, Bleso, Bleeeedsoeee.
Me: Elder, is it a JOKE??
Elder Panta: Well Hermana, I don’t make jokes. So, no!

Did I or did I not say a few months ago that someday I was going to be companions with Hermana Bledsoe? I just didn’t actually believe it! Especially because this is going to be her last transfer. I was so surprised (and still am) but suuuuuuper happy. She is so beautiful and teaches really well but is also really humble and we get along great and it’s basically a dream come true, no big deal.

These were the first transfers that President Boswell made since he’s been President and it was a little different than normal. What usually happens is that whoever has cambios and their companion all go to the chapel in La Molina and pick up their new comp and afer chatting and seeing people and talking for a bit go to their new areas. There are 110 companionships in the mission, and 102 of them had transfers this time. So since almost everyone was gonna be there, he told he missionaries that didn’t have transfers to come too. The entire mission was together at once! It was soooo cool! When the bus of all the new missionaries got there from the airport we were all standing in two lines and they walked through us to the chapel and we were cheering and did the wave. Instead of just getting our companions and leaving we did a little devotional in the chapel. For the closing hymn we all stood up and sang “Called to Serve.” Yeah, just try to IMAGINE the Spirit that filled that huge room!

We had so many absolutely amazing lessons this week too. We both just keep saying, this has to be too good to be true! Are we in an episode of the District? Hahaha. (My missionary friends know what I’m talking about….sorry to the rest of you.) I want to tell you about everyone in detail but let’s try to do a really fast run down.

Jimmy and Yanet. I can hear the bells! With a lot of faith, we should have a wedding and a baptism next month. Moroni 7:33.
Luis. This kid has soooo much faith. Really wants to change and help his family do the same! He has a member friend who is a great example for him.
We followed the Spirit and contacted a couple people who are actually progressing. Random contacts aren’t usually like that. I will have to tell you the story about finding Katy someday.
Raul got the priesthood yesterday! All right!!!

Hermana Bledsoe’s birthday was on Saturday and we went out to eat at a member of the ward’s seafood restaraunt. Not exactly sure what that is we were eating, but it was yummy!

I’m glad you all got to Jersey safely. I’ve been praying so that all of you can make the adjusment….especially Sarah & Liz. But mostly I’ve just been praying and saying THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to God for just blessing me and my companion soooooo much. Alma 26:12

Love from Lima,
Hermana Villarini
(I realized this week that for a limited amount of time, I get to sign letters like this. So now I’m always gonna do it.)

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