I’m sorry too… 6-2-2014

First of all I just need to complain because Miley Cyrus isn’t even escapable in Peru…We Can’t Stop is playing right now and I want to barf! So not as good as all the Spanish love songs they usually play. Those at least always remind of hearing dad singing at home.

Woops so I wrote that when I first logged on but then saw the million emails I got this week (thank you yayyy I love feeling loved!!!!) but responded to a bunch of those and now I don’t have time to tell you about how this week went….but not alot happened anyway except our baptism. Oh and stake conference yesterday with Elder Uceda of the 70! Remember him from Caldwell stake?
Looks like me and Em are on the same wavelength but yeah I promise mine will be better next week too!
Love the dresses they wore….the one Milleth is wearing is actually the same temple dress I have! Okay yeah sorry for so few details.
Love from Lima
Hermana V

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