I’m already pretty sure it’s true 8-11-2014

Just to give you all an idea of the kind of mood I’m in right now, let me tell you about a couple of things that have happened to me in the last 30 hours or so.

The lesson in Relief Society yesterday was all about eternal marriage. Today on the bus, (squished and crowded) I was standing up next to a very clearly in love, affectionate couple. We just came back from Pday of hermanas at President’s house and watched Tangled, (“you are my new dream”) where Hermana Killian (she was in my district in Vitarte and is an hermana lider so we’ve done divisions together) shared her testimony because she’s going home tonight and I heard her talking to another sister leaving all about their flights…. And I just read a bunch of emails from some of my very favorite people in the world that I haven’t seen in a long time. Okay I’m just gonna take a deep breath and switch right back to missionary mode………………………….GO!

Haha just kidding, I think it’s okay to be honest with you about how I really feel. Also because I know I sincerely LOVE my mission and being a missionary so much so I know I’m not really trunky…because trunky is when you don’t work where as I on the other hand just like to fondly remember what my old life and my life after is gonna be like. But not more than I think about my investigators and the ward or how to help them. 😉

Speaking of being honest, I think it’s time I share some funny/random stories with y’all. The last couple of weeks I’ve been pretty spiritual and forgotten to include a few details here and there. Well actually these details just get lost for lack of time more than anything but I FINALLY started to write a little more in my real journal this week so some of them are getting registered. I’ve learned a lot more on my mish about family history and I really wish I had time to do my own! But at least I can get better at the habit of writing down my own history.

So funny story first. There’s this Peruvian dessert called masamorra and it’s about the only Peruvian food I’ve tried that I don’t like. (Nope, still haven’t eaten guinea pig.) Well we were at a Noche de Hogar with a less active family but had to leave early cause we had another appointment and so we were rushing out but they were all like, “Hermanas, esperen! El refrigerio!!!” And it was masamorra. So they handed us little plastic cups of hot masamorra and we literally ran out the door. And as we’re literally half running to our next appointment, I was all like “ehhh, I really don’t wanna eat this.” And I thought Hermana Gonzales didn’t want hers either. So I was like, well, let’s give it away to someone! So we passed by this little internet cafe close to our house and I walked in and asked if anyone wanted masamorra and held up my cup. Everyone just looked at me like “Who is this crazy white girl and why the heck is she offering masamorra?” And I looked and Hermana Gonzales had stayed just outside the door and was just laughing…..and this guy sitting at one of the computers looked up and was all “huh?” and another lady was like “She’s asking if you want masamorra!” And he was like okay….so I handed him my cup and said “buenas noches” and left really quickly. Then I realized maybe they thought I was selling it because there’s people who walk around the streets selling food and stuff but I was just there alone with one little cup of masamorra…..yeah it was really funny. I hope at least someone is laughing at this.

We found this AMAZING new investigator named Gerson. We actually found a lot of new people this week. He’s the son of a member who’s somewhat active. He’s 19. We can only teach him once in a while cause he studies and works but oh my gosh he is soooo cool! We actually met him when I first got to Cieneguilla but then never actually were able to go back for an appointment until last week randomly. He asks the best questions I’ve ever heard. They’re just so interesting and really make me think. The first lesson about the Restoration has always been my favorite to teach but it was especially fun to teach it to him. The coolest thing about him is how he prays. We wrote the steps of prayer on the last page in his Book of Mormon. When we kneeled for the prayer at the end, he was following the steps from his book. And when he got to “preguntar” he stopped and asked us “Wait, I don’t understand, what am I supposed to ask?” And we told him to ask if the Book of Mormon and what we’d taught was true. He went back to praying and was just like “Well God, um, I guess I’m asking you if this is true but I’m already pretty sure it is. I don’t think the hermanas would come to share this with me just for fun.” Then after he was like, “but what if a lot of people are asking today, will he still respond?” Haha.

Kids say the darnest things. We were teaching a lesson to a 10 year old girl and asked her why she thought Jesus chose John the Baptist to baptize him. And she said, “Well, I suppose it was because of his last name.”

Ahhhhh ya se acaba el tiempo OTRA VEZ. NO PUEDE SER. Ahhhh okay.

Until next week!

Love from Lima,
Hermana Villarini

PS. I kind of took the liberty of betrothing Sarah to Betty’s son, Alejandro. Haha okay so it’s totally up to you of course, sis, but I am rooting for him that way I will always have a connection to Peru plus he is a great kid! I told him to add you on Facebook….so if Alejandro Chavez adds you, accept him it’s not a random stranger.

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