Recuerda quien eres 7-14-2014

There I was, sitting on the bus on the way to internet all excited to write you guys cause I actually had a good week and then I get on the computer to discover that something is wrong with the memory card of my camera and it seems like all my photos have disappeared!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Okay, deep breaths. Try not to cry….sigh. Here we go.

¿Saben qué? A veces tengo muchas ganas de escribirles en castellano. Pues la mayoría de ustedes me van a entender….los que hablan portugués mas o menos….¿alguien se molestaría? No, ¿cierto? Bueno para evitar que usen Traductor de Google y me entendian mal, les voy a escribir en inglés. 😉

Sorry, I really wasn’t trying to show off my Spanish or anything, I really do just feel like writing in Spanish sometimes! I realized this week that I finally think in Spanish. That was awesome. Now I just need to dream in Spanish and I’m set.

So, I kind of had a revelation this week no big deal. I figured out why God sent me to Cieneguilla. I think usually we don’t figure out what he wants us to learn until after we already learned it, but I think I got lucky this time. I have been wanting to be more diligent for a loooong time. Really since high school. And especially since BYU….Mom should know what I’m referring to. It’s just something I’m really not good at. And I loved Alameda so much but I think it was getting too easy. And this week I realized what a good opportunity I have in Cieneguilla to learn diligence. And once I figured that out, I was a lot happier for some reason. Kinda like, okay, I’m so up for this challenge! Until this week Hermana Gonzales and I have both been a little low on ánimos and we just didn’t get why. We said to ourselves, but we’re working! Why are the numbers so low! We love these people, why don’t they progress? WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO. And then I figured it out.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I wrote about how easy it is to forget and I thought about Dad telling me remember who you are? Well I thought about it all this week too. This week was good not because we had a lot of success or anything, but because it was full of reminders for me. Just one of them was a girl in the ward got her mission call and opened it in the chapel with everyone after church on Sunday. And it reminded me of when I got my call and how I felt. And I needed that because to be honest, when you’re a missionary, it can be stressful and feels like a job sometimes. But when I remembered those pure desires to serve and the sheer excitement and just how bad I wanted to get here already those 5 months I was waiting it put it back into perspective. And I remembered, gosh, being a missionary is so awesome!

Also, someone accepted a baptismal date. Woohoo! His name is Raul. He’s 67 but I thought he was like 50. We met him because we randomly decided to stop by a member’s house one day and he was there and she was like hey, my neighbor’s over right now you should teach him. That’s kind of how the Spirit has guided me usually I found out, just kind of randomly getting ideas to do something not even thinking it’s a prompting at all but then something awesome comes from it. Anyway, he loves the Church because he says “la doctrina va de la mano con la Biblia.” Everything just makes so much sense to him and he’s really fun to teach. He gets so into the chapters we leave him in the Book of Mormon and it’s cute cause sometimes when we ask questions in a lesson he wants to give a really good answer cause he really wants to understand everything and sometimes if he can’t put his thoughts together right away he’s just like “ahhhh, I’m sorry!”

And do you wanna know one of the best feelings a missionary can have? When someone you weren’t expecting shows up at church! There is a less active member and his wife, the bishop’s brother actually, that we starting teaching a couple weeks ago. And just like almost everyone in Cieneguilla Sundays are supposedly impossible for them because of work but they both came yesterday! Yayyyyy.

That’s all, folks!
Love from Lima,

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