Lista de cosas para hacer 7-7-14

I don’t have time to write you about all the interesting things that are still not happening….but I thought you might find my to-do list kind of interesting or funny. Maybe not but here it is! At least Mom will cause she will laugh just knowing what a list-maker I am. 🙂

To do:
fix shoes (they’ve made it pretty far but are falling apart)
fix English scriptures (also falling apart)
fix Book of Mormon case (beyond falling apart…I don’t treat it bad but I do carry it everywhere)
100 sit ups (this is for everyday. All the walking that we do doesn’t put a dent in a diet of pure chicken, rice, bread, and potatoes)
write people from Alameda
pray for (long list of names….including all of you)

We met President Boswell and his fam on Saturday. They are really awesome!

I had a dream that I was in the testing center at BYU. I was supposedly gonna take a test about Preach My Gospel and then they handed me my nutrition final….more like a nightmare! Haha.

I know these last couple of emails suck but I do want you all to know that I LOVE being a missionary. We are starting to see some progress here and I promise next week I will tell you about it! I think I was just kind of in a weird mood last Monday and today….sorry.

Loooooove from Lima,
Sistuh V

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