I Believe in Miracles 7-21-14

That’s our phrase of the week. I don’t know why and I can’t remember what the song is (it’s an oldie) but I started singing that little part and I decided to teach it to Hermana Gonzales and it’s our theme now and our motivator.

First miracle: I woke up at 6:30 every day this week! Maybe some of you will judge me, (but please don’t, especially my fellow missionary friends…) but in my whole 9 months on the mission that is just one rule I have had a really hard time following. But I was finally tired of being tired and of getting up late so I made it a goal and every night in my prayers I asked for help to get up on time the next day and it happened. My family knows that this is probably the biggest miracle of all!

Wait a second, I just said NINE MONTHS on the mission? Is that real? Noooooooooo that means from now on the time I have left is less than the time I’ve been here! Why are sisters not called to serve for 2 years? It has gone by way way WAY too fast and I just am trying to love everyday because this is never going to happen again and I’m just so happy to be here. Can you believe something as stupid as having to sell my car was one of the things that made it so hard for me to decide? Ha. 3 Nephi 13:33.

Miracle numero dos: President called on Tuesday. I kind of freaked out at first when I answered and he said it was him, but it was to give us permission to go to the temple on Saturday because Hermana Gonzales’ sister got sealed! When he asked Hermana Gonzales if she was going to be okay to go back to the area and work after she promised she would, and in my head I was like “going to wedding is going to make ME more trunky than her!” Haha but I’m kidding of course. It was a sweet experience to meet her family and to see a sealing in the Lima Temple. I’m not trunky but I am excited to get married because the two sealings I’ve been too have been the most spiritual experiences of my life. We took advantage of being in La Molina and went and ate Subway for lunch. It was amazing. I don’t suffer from a taste of home here and then….(don’t hate me, Em) but do you know what I actually really do miss that I just thought of this week? Banana pancakes. (Cue the Jack Johnson song.)

Miracles 3+: God has just been putting people in our path like crazy. On our bus on our way to the temple, we met a less active and her daughter who is not a member. Yesterday we went to an appointment with a less active family and they weren’t home, so we decided to start walking to the chapel for ward council. (We usually never walk cause it’s kind of far.) There were a couple of guys standing outside a house and one of them called out “Hi, sisters!” We went and talked to him and he was a member from Lima but was in Cieneguilla visiting his friend who lived in that house and he introduced us and said we needed to teach him.

And a bunch more that I wish I could tell you all in detail but time just does not permit! But basically I finally am happy and loving Cieneguilla and Hermana Gonzales too. I don’t know if the circumstances in the area or in our companionship have changed really as much as my attitude have, but either way, things are good.

I hope everything goes okay in the move coming up. I know it’s kind of sad but I’m just glad everyone, well almost everyone….will be together again. 🙂

Oh yeah and I forgot about the other miracle….all my pictures were recovered thanks to the friendly guy who works at the little place we print pictures at. Yay! Next week I will send some. Love you all to pieces.

Love from Lima

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