All is well 7-28-2014

Raul got baptized yesterday! But oh my gosh just let me tell you, it was the most stressful baptism of my mission/life. First, trying to get an interview scheduled with President Boswell. Second, traveling to the office in La Molina and waiting during the interview. Then on Saturday we go to the chapel to get the font all filled and ready because he was gonna get baptized right after church the next day. Well it was absolutely filthy. I was on my hands and knees in tights (preferred to get them a little wet than to take them off because it was so cold) getting all the dirt and bugs out. Then we start to fill it. Saturdays members come to clean the chapel. It was the Young Women’s turn this Saturday and while we were cleaning the font the YW president showed up. She sat down and chatted with us for a bit, then she was like “well my stomach hurts and I don’t think the YW are gonna show up, so see you guys tomorrow!” And we were just like whhhaaaat….so since we had to wait for the font to fill we decided we’d clean up the chapel a bit. Then we go check on the font and the water was GREEN. But we had to leave because we had appointments. In the morning we get to church and someone had emptied the font and was filling it again but the water was still green. We joked with Raul about it because we’d talked a lot about how our baptism needs to be just like Jesus Christ’s and said that we imported his water straight from the River Jordan. Then, he’s about to get into the water. Oh yeah, and we had to find someone to baptize him last minute. And the door to the font was LOCKED! And nobody had a key!!!! But by some miracle the ward mission leader got the door to open. And he got baptized.

This man is a real miracle. I was so happy at the end when he shared his testimony because all the stress just got washed away and replaced with the Spirit when he bore his testimony but all he could say was that he was just so happy and started crying. It was an answer to my prayers because lately I haven’t been feeling too much of God’s love. Know that sounds a little terrible, but it’s just that I KNOW He loves me, and I KNOW I’m trying my best. But I hadn’t been feeling it lately. I wanted to feel that Heavenly Father is happy with me. And in that moment I did. Being a missionary, I have realized more than ever how imperfect I am and how much I desperately need the Atonement. I literally have sooooo many faults! But can you believe God still loves me? And Jesus sacrificed his life for me? And for Raul, and for you, and for your neighbor, and your family, and everyone in this big, giant, crazy, fallen, WORLD. Kind of amazing when you really think about it.

By the way, Happy Peruvian Independence Day! Speaking of which, Happy Pioneer Day this week. Yes, I did think of y’all. Kind of stinks though because they just told us last night that today is not actually Pday because we’re going to the temple on Thursday. I have no idea what we’re gonna do….according to the missionary handbook holidays are a great time to proselyte cause people are home with their families but in Peru it’s more like they’re drunk in the street….oh well.

Love from LIMA
Your favorite missionary (I hope!)

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