Who invented subject lines anyway I don’t always know what to put here 5/26/2014

So you should all be dying to know what happened last Monday night when they called for transfers….I’m still in Alameda….but Hermana Mack is not. Not to be dramatic or anything but there was some wailing and gnashing of teeth. Haha just kidding only a couple of tears but it’s okay cause she got sent to zona Surco which is the promised land of the mission. (Supposedly it’s just like the States) Someday I will go there. My new companion is Hermana Avendaño from La Paz, Bolivia. And she’s a super sweetheart. And she likes to practice English so that’s fun too because she’s actually really good at it. It will be a happy 4 weeks with her. (This transfer is going to be short because of the president change.) Oh something else interesting, Hermana Bledsoe was her trainer. Hermana Bledsoe also trained Hermana Sassetti who was my trainer…and she has been in both Salamanca and Alameda so in the next couple transfers be waiting to hear that she’s my companion haha. 

Last Monday I went to Gamarra with Hermana Mack. I’ve told you guys about that place before right? It’s kinda like going shopping in NY but way more people and way dirtier and just a ton a ton a ton of cheaaap CLOTHES everywhere. It was fun and I was able to get some new skirts. Yipee!!!
I figured out why we’re not allowed to hold babies. It’s because it would make the sister missionaries suuuper trunky haha. We visited a family this week that has the most adorable baby girl and I just wanted her so bad! The good news is that this week I learned how to fry an egg too so when I do get home and it’s time for that stuff I will oficially be ready to get married. Hehe.
I have never done exchanges my whole mission but this week I got to do them twice for different reasons so that was kind of fun! One time was because an hermana from the other companionship in Alameda was sick so my companion stayed with her and her companion came with me to the correlation meeting. Another time was so that I could escape from an appointment with an investigator who is kind of in love with me. He comes to church and is super involved in the ward but we’re gonna wait to see if he’ll get baptized once I’m not here anymore. Most awkward moments of my life.
Proud parent moments of the week – Eduardo came with us to an appointment and helped us teach. When we passed by his house to get him he made us wait so he could change then came out in a shirt and tie with his Book of Mormon. Love that guy. Also, Aylin called us over at church yesterday to tell us that some of her friends came over and saw her Book of Mormon and pamplets and stuff and asked her some questions and she explained it to them and so they want to come to church now. She also wanted us to come over tonight to do a FHE at her house. I’m so proud of that girl. The last couple weeks she’s come to church alone but she’s there.
Keep on keeping on family, I love you all imense amounts. And seriously, email me some pictures of your lives please. For every picture that Sarah and Liz post on Instagram, I expect them to email one to me! 
Love from Lima,
Hermana Bellarini (super shark moment of the week when above mentioned investigator called me that….)

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