Solo quiero darte un libro 5/19/2014

Okay crazy week. We had four people pass baptismal interviews! And one of them got baptized….the other three didn’t just for scheduling problems so hopefully this Saturday. It was so funny though. We had three of the interviews planned for Thursday night and when we called our district leader to ask him if it was possible that he’d have time for one more he just gasped and was like “Are you guys serious?!” Haha so that’s our phrase now. Well the phrase is actually “DE VERDAD?!” but yeah you get it. 🙂

We find out about transfers tonight…keep Hermana Mack and I in your prayers because we both want to stay here so bad. I can’t believe it’s already been 6 weeks in Alameda! I swear every transfer goes faster and faster. I officially love Alameda just as much as I loved Salamanca which I never thought would be possible. But it’s cause I’m meant to be here. My other family lives in Peru.
We went to the temple this week and it was wonderful as the temple always is. But this time it was extra special because President came with us! Hermana Mack & I had a really cool chat with him in the celestial room. He is so awesome and we’re gonna miss him so much. I kind of expressed to him that I just want to be the perfect missionary so I get frustrated with myself sometimes but he said something I loved that I’ll pass on to you guys. It’s okay to not be perfect, Christ knows we aren’t. But we’re trying to be, so what matters to Him is that we’re clean and obedient.
Eduardo got baptized yesterday and it was so spiritual and awesome. A lot of people came and they were all reverent (which was not the case at our baptism last week.) Hermana Mack & I sang I Stand All Amazed in English. Before he stepped in the water I saw him say a little prayer and then when he shared his testimony after I just saw it that he is going to be such a great leader in the Church because he is SOLID. I love their whole family so much ahhh it was the best. It was so cool too because his brother, who got baptized a month ago with Hermana Mack and her old companion is the one who baptized him. When we first started teaching him he used to stay stuff like “yeah well in my church this, and in the church that I go to that,” but this week in one of our last lessons he said something about “our church.” I loved that.
Oh so before I go let me explain the subject line. There’s the really popular song that goes “Solo quiero darte un beso” which means “I just want to give you a kiss” but we’re changing the words to go like “Solo quiero darte un libro,” which is “I just want to give you a book.” It’s fun. Don’t worry Emily I will still be working on the rap!
Love from Lima
Hermana Villarini

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