Taggarts in town 4-28-2014

I got the surprise of my life this week when Katie and Spencer showed up at a baptism on Saturday!!! Talk about a shock……haha it was fun though. I’ll tell you more about how they pulled off the surprise next week I hope but I’m sure Katie already showed you some of the pics!

On Wednesday I turned 6 months old in the mission. (On the same day Brandon turned 19….happy birthday little bro!!!!) I guess it’s a thing for elders to burn a tie but all I did to celebrate was change my toothbrush. It’s sort of unreal to think about it so usually I just don’t. Ever since I got done training the time has been FLYING. 
The dogs in Alameda are sooooo mean! I almost got bit this morning. In Salamanca they were everywhere too but weren’t a problem, just barked sometimes. But I’m pretty fast at picking up rocks now! 
We had a couple of SUPER SPIRITUAL lessons this week and I love it. I’m praying Hermana Mack & I will have one more transfer together here to be able to keep working together with all these awesome people. 
I really love and miss you all a ton but I’m happier to be here every day! Hey it’s Mother’s Day soon and I’ll get to see all your beautiful faces yayyy!!!
Les quiero muchoooo
Love from Lima
Hermana Villarini

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