“Sneaky Teaching Stuff” 4-21-2014


Dang it I got stuk with a realy crappy keayboard today so sorry for all the mistakes that are gonna be inevitabl in this email…

SAoory for calling yall out last week for not writing me, I got the big envelope with letters on Tuesday and I was suuuuuuper happy to hear from my siblings! Dang I miss you guys….and those pictures were such a fun blast from the past. Keep on keeping on, gang. I know it’s hard without me but do your best. 😉
Hermana Mack is my best friend. She reminds me so much of Steph actually…how she looks and how she talks. This week was pretty great…I still miss Salamanca a little bit but I fell in love with Alameda so we’re back to normal. It started on Thursday. In the morning I decided to study about the importance of the Spirit and how to recognize it and how to really pray with faith (chapter 4 of PMG – a good place for you guys to start! ;)) because I thought I was having a little trouble with that lately. And then we had an appointment right after we got done studying that same morning with the dad of a family who used to be less active but are coming back to church now and we felt the Spirit SO STRONG! He’s such a cool guy and has some doubts we need to help him with but has so much faith and really wants to be a leader for his family and is working really hard to prepare to be baptized. It was a great way to start the day.
Also, a literal miracle happened this week. For the first time in my mission we taught A FAMILY. A WHOLE FAMILY. A dad, a mom, and 3 daughters!!! Weeee!!! And they’re already married, that’s an even bigger miracle. They were a street contact…and I’ll be super honest I still don’t really like contacting that much but now it’s not because I’m afraid but more because it’s not usually that effective. But I have a little bit more faith in contacting now. 
Then on Friday we had interviews with President Ardila. I dare say that he is the most Christlike man I’ve ever known. He loves his missionaries so much and just said so many things I needed to hear. It was really sad though because he’s going home in 2 months and at the end he said “Well hermana, this will be our last interview…” And he just gave me a big hug. That man really is like my dad on the mission, I’m gonna miss him. 
Fast forward to saturday night…Sharo (someone Hermana Sagastegui & I had been taechn in Salamancca) got baptized! And the district leader had called me the day before to say I was invited and had permission to go. That’s kidn of a nice thing since the mission got divided last year is that most of the places are all really close. So we went but what made it even better was we brought one of our investigators with us. The thing is, he doesn’t even know he’s an investigator. Let me explain. 
So our pensionista here is Miriam. And that just started like a week before I got to the area. Her husband, Enrique, got baptized right before I got to the area. THey have a little 4 year old son and are the cutest family. Miriam was inactive and they weren’t marreid but got married and he got baptized on the same day. We had a lesson with them one night and I wasn’t around to see how he was before but I already love them a lot and they both bore their testimonies about how much the gospel has helped their family be so much more unified. Anyway Enrique’s brother Eduardo lives with them. And supposedly there was kind of some drama when he got baptized because his fam wasn’t happy about it and when I first got here Hermana Mack told me that his brother didn’t want to talk to us. And I don’t know what happened but something changed and one day at breakfast we ending up talking about the gospel because he asked us why we decided to be missionaries. (I love answering that question) And then we got to explaining about what the Book of Mormon is. And he’s just like “so would you reccomend that I read it?” And we were like “yeah!” So we gave him one and recommended a few chapters. When we came back for lunch he had already read all we left him and started in 1 Nephi. The last couple days we’ve been sneakily teaching him the lessons by just talking at meals and answering his questions. And we brought him to the baptism on Saturday and he really liked it. I overheard him talking to one of the elders in Salamanca and he said 2well if I come to church I know I need to come to stay…and after the baptism he was all smiley and Hermana Mack asked him why and he sadi he didn’t know why but that he was just really happy. In two days his attitude around us completely changed and I don’t know why but we are so excited! 
It was pretty sweet to be able to go back and she Sharo get baptized. When she came out of the water I said to her “you’re perfect right now, how do you feel?” and her face was just so cute and she was like “Wow you’re right, I’m so holy!” Haha. My favorite part about baptisms are when they bear their testimony after. This gospel is so amazing….we met her because a friend brought her to church. Share the gospel with your friends!!!! (dont know why im standin wakward in the picture…maybe it’s cause I’m trying not to look so tall haha)
So many good things happening right now, I am so blessed to be a missionary. Thanks for your love and prayers, they are working!!
Love from Lima,
Hermana Villarini

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