Eternas pueden ser las familias 5-5-2014

Wow what another really good week. It started off kind of slow, okay REALLY slow……but ended really happy! Everyone that has a baptismal date is progressing and we love being in Alameda.

Remember that guy Eduardo I told you about a couple of weeks ago that we were kind of sneakily teaching just talking to him at lunch? Well now we’re really teaching him and he is SO COOL. Like wow the change and progress he’s made all on his own just reading the Book of Mormon and praying is amazing and he basically teaches himself the lessons cause he has the most amazing comments too. At first he told us he wouldn’t be able to come to church until June because of work but he got his schedule worked out and came yesterday – wearing a shirt & tie he bought this week! 
So in Alameda the youth are super strong. It makes me want to go back to young women’s sometimes cause they are so fun and love the gospel. But it was making it a little hard for us to be teaching so many youth because none of their parents wanted to give them permission to get baptized and cause they are kind of irresponsible sometimes and always come late to appointments and sometimes don’t pay that much attention….There is one 14 year old girl in particular who apparently really wanted to get baptized but was just really….floja sorry I don’t know how else to say it. But then one day we really got to know her better and found out something really special and so we really started to love her and that made teaching her a lot easier. And then a miracle happened and her dad signed her permiso and into the water she goes this Saturday! Yay! We were seriously so happy because we’d been praying for that so hard. I think we’re almost more excited than she is haha, or at least than she shows it. 
Yesterday we taught a less active family and watched a Mormon Message with them about how families can be together forever and it made me remember the best moment of my life when I got to go to the temple with Mom and Dad and sit with them in the celestial room. We get to go to the temple next week and I’m so excited because I just love the temple so much!!! Anyway when we were with this family yesterday I actually started crying when we were talking to them about making it a goal to get to the temple so that their family can be eternal because I am just so happy that mine is. Dear Mom and Dad – THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GETTING MARRIED IN THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH. I know it’s not easy but you have done a good job at raising our family and I really know it’s worth it. But seriously, that 30 minutes or so that we spent together is a moment I can think about that makes everything I might ever go through so worth it and makes life mean so much more and make so much more sense.
I miss everyone dearly but will be seeing your lovely faces soon! 
Love from Lima,
Hermana Villarini

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