¡Hola Alameda! 4-14-2014

Okay first things first, will someone PLEASE do me a huge favor and do a little bit of family history and tell me where the last name Villarini comes from? I am starting to get a little exhausted explaining to people that yes, it sounds extremely Italian, but my dad is from Puerto Rico and I think there’s some kind of story that has to do with an ancestor from Italy but I really have no idea. Haha seriously though, I think I’m just going to start saying yes when people ask me if I’m from Italy. It was actually kind of funny in ward council the other day the Relief Society president said I must know how to make good pasta and asked if I would teach them for their activity next week….I said I don’t know how to make pasta but what I could teach them was how to make pizza! Who knew that working at Papa Murphy’s was going to prepare me to be able to serve on my mission haha. 

So yeah, I’ve been introducing myself a lot (well even more than normal) lately because I’m finally in my first new area! Alameda in Ate Vitarte. My new companion is Hermana Mack from Mesa, Arizona. Not gonna lie to y’all…adjustments are hard. Usually they call at the end of the day on Monday but they called when we were at dinner right before our appointment with Jose Luis, and I actually cried when we said goodbye to him. But he just thanked us for being his angels who taught him the gospel and prepared him to get baptized and said that now we needed to go help other people and shared a powerful testimony and I really just wanted to cry more…Hermana Sagastegui and I left a bunch of notes in the room explaining everything for the new elders that came to the area and saying that they better take care of everyone really well! This week I almost felt more homesick for my old area than I did when I actually left home. I want to be a missionary forever….or maybe I’ll just move to Peru when I’m done.
But before I keep whining about missing Salamanca, let me tell you a few cool things about my new assignment! Our room is huge and beautiful and has a real bathroom. And my new companion is an absolute sweetheart. Extremely patient and she really cares about every single person. Oh and she’s my first companion who likes to run so I’m excited about that and we’re gonna whip ourselves into shape! It was kind of a slow week until yesterday, but we found a ton of new people who are so amazing and ready to accept the gospel. We got chased by a couple dogs this week too so that was kind of fun… 
Dang it out of time again. Until next Monday!
Remember who you are, make good choices! (Now where have you all heard those lines before…)
Love from Lima,

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