So long, Salamanca 4-7-14

Wow, did you all love conference or what? We were lucky enough to be able to go to all four sessions. The condition was bring an investigator or less active or recent convert. I loved so many of the talks I can’t tell you which was my favorite but among them include the classic greats, Bednar and Uchtdorf. And if you didn’t hear Ballard’s talk, go listen to it. Because from now on I expect you all to include in your emails each week what you’ve been learning as you study Preach My Gospel! 

It’s super inconvenient to be sick when you’re a missionary, did you guys know that? At the beginning of the transfer I got sick for being disobedient (without realizing…) and eating from a street vendor. Woops. I got quoted Mosiah 17:16…hehe. Well the headache and congestion only lasted about a week but the craziest things have been happening with my voice since then! It just disappears every now and then and I sound possessed. It happened in the middle of lessons a couple times this week and a testimony just isn’t as powerful when you sound like that….but it’s funnier. 
I hear this is normal from my other missionary friends, but we are finally seeing a ton of good things happen in this area and everybody has a baptismal date and it’s a for sure thing that I’ll be leaving….they don’t call us til late tonight to tell us where we need to be tomorrow morning but they’re dividing Salamanca. Two more elders are gonna come…that means 6 missionaries in the ward! I’m happy because honestly, Salamanca needs and deserves it. But they’re gonna send the hermanas here to the part of the ward that’s pitucilandia….aka really rich. We spent a lot of the week over there with the elders looking for rooms and pension and to be honest I don’t really wanna go there…so you’ll all laugh next week when that’s where I am. It’s just sad because I feel like I left my family 5 months ago and now I have to do it again….and all these amazing new people we found….it’s like starting a great movie and then having to leave the theater and not getting to see what happens next… (does that remind anyone else (aka Sarah or Emily) of the Hunger Games premier? Hahaha) I guess I just have to remember my motto before I got my mission call…I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go. 
Love from Lima (not sure which part yet…haha)
Amanda Jane/Mandy/Hermana Villarini

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