My new favorite color

ImageImageThis week I figured out that filling stuff is really fun. And you guys wanna know what’s especially fun to fill? Fonts. Baptismal fonts! Woooo!!! 

So yeah we had a baptism this week! FINALLY. Ahhhh que alegría tan grande. But really on Saturday afternoon when we turned the water on to fill the font I was seriously squealing and giddy like a little girl. The guy that got baptized is a true convert, let me tell you. At the end of my first couple transfers, I was convinced that the so called “golden” investigator did not exist. We were teaching a million people and in so many of the first visits a lot of them said they wanted to get baptized and you guys know I’ve told you before about a few people that we worked with for a long time but there was always SOMETHING that had to happen. I remember being so excited when we were supposed to have our first baptism and the same day of her interview she decided she didn’t want to anymore. Oh and Jazmin the most adorable girl who always comes to church but in the end her stepdad who’s Catholic was super opposed to her getting baptized and in the end her mom said no too because she didn’t want problems with him. And so many people that literally just disappear…. but wow Jose Luis really is gold. A true gift for us. His wife is a member and they recently moved into our ward and the timing just so perfectly happened that when they moved he decided he wanted to start going to church with her and well long story short we met them at church, went and visited him that week, and two weeks later he was wearing white in the water! He really is so special. It was kind of adorable in every lesson he likes to take notes and when we read scriptures he writes the references down. And we kind of laugh about this but after we explain a principle or something, he always says “Amen, hermanitas.” Ahhh we really love him and his wife so much they are so adorable. After the ordinance he bore his testimony and cried. And his wife (who got baptized like 3 years ago) bore her testimony too and said how excited she was because she was finally going to have a priesthood holder in her home. 
Yesterday we got to go to Hermana Sagastegui’s old area because a family she had been teaching got baptized too. I didn’t even know them but it was still such a special spirit to see a whole family get baptized…wow. When I saw Jose Luis and the next day this family come out in their white clothes it was like my insides just got filled with happiness. Forget purple, white is so my favorite color. Everybody looks good in white. Each time I heard the part when the person baptizing them said “being commissioned of Jesus Christ,” WOW I felt this huge chill and just knew in that moment that this is definitely HIS Church. I hope I get a chance to teach a family like them someday….the sad thing is that there really aren’t that many whole families in these parts…everybody is divorced or or separated or never knew one of their parents and much more drama…makes me grateful to know I’m part of a family that’s eternal. 
Oh good news, I’m officially legal in Peru! I had to go to the migrations office this week and spend hours basically just sitting and waiting so they could take my picture and fingerprints and give me a little ID that means I can stay. I had a small hope of seeing Paige Child because there were some missionaries from the MTC there but I wasn’t that lucky. 
Many more adventures coming next week….but these are the most important ones for now. Love you all!
-Hermana V
PS. I wasn’t kidding when I said read the Book of Mormon. Seriously…oh my gosh but really I don’t know how I grew up in the Church for 19 years and I’m just now realizing how amazing it is. 

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