February 10, 2014

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! It’s super weird to think that I’m 20 now…and it’s funny because honestly I never understood before why women always cared so much about their birthdays and never want to tell people how old they are. It seemed really silly to me but on Wednesday I thought wow, 20 means I’m not a teenager anymore and felt a little bit old so now I think I get it a little bit haha. And yes I know that 20 is not old at all…but hey it’s been 10 years since the last time I the first digit of my age changed! It was kind of weird to spend a birthday on the mission because we just went out and did normal missionary things. But it was cool cause that day we had a district meeting and everyone sang to me and then at night Hermana Lupita (the pensionista) got me an awesome tres leches cake. And I got the best present ever…a new investigator with a baptismal date! Haha 🙂 
This week I feel like the investigators have been teaching us, and not the other way around. Right now we’re teaching the most precious 10 year old girl, Jazmin. Her dad isn’t a member and her mom is totally inactive but she always comes to church with her older brother. She just loves when we come over and understands everything so well. ¡Su alma es tan pura! She’s the perfect example of the scripture that says we need to become as little children. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and told her to pray & ask if it’s true. Well when we came back the next day she told us that she’d prayed and that night she slept really well and saw God & Jesus in her dream. Jesus was calling to her to come to Him and she asked Him if the Book of Mormon was true and He told her yes. And in her prayer at the end of that lesson she thanked God for sending two new friends to her to teach her the gospel and I just about died. She’s excited for her baptism and so am I!
There’s also someone else we’re teaching who is so awesome. She really wants to get baptized but has to get married first and I was really nervous to go teach her yesterday because we had to teach the law of chastity and I’d never taught it before and I don’t really know why I felt so nervous to be honest but I did. And the thing is it’s kind of a harder process in Peru to get married and I just didn’t want there to be a problem because she’s just so excited. The whole way to where she lives I was praying in my heart that it would all go okay. When we started to talk to her about it she was just like “Oh yeah, after the last lesson I decided I needed to get married soon because I figured I’d have to do that first. Before I get baptized I wanna make sure I’m ready to do it right.” And she just told us how she is looking forward so much to feeling clean of everything in her life that she wants to leave behind and how happy and excited she is that we want to help her prepare for that. It was pretty sweet. 
Just a heads up, we’re going to the temple next week (YAYYYYY) so Pday is changed to Wednesday and that’s when I should be writing. I think. Not really sure though to be totally honest.
Love from Lima,
I mean,
Hermana V

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