February 3, 2014

We moved this week! It was kind of crazy. On Tuesday the zone leaders called and said that we needed to find a new place to move into by February because where we were living was too expensive. Also there were a bunch of other things that were contrary to the norms. Luckily enough it was pretty easy to find a new place. After lunch we just walked around the neighborhood we wanted to move to and found some signs that said rooms for rent and looked at a couple, found one, and then had the leaders come approve it. It was really weird though on Saturday when we spent almost the whole day moving and not doing missionary work. All the elders from our district came and helped us. The new room is a lot smaller but it’s still really nice. And it’s a lot closer to the center of where we do the most work so that’s cool too. It made me realize I’ve been really spoiled because all the elders were like “Wow, your room is huge and so nice! Why are you guys moving?” And they all were saying how they don’t live in places half as nice. And our water was freezing cold for a couple days before someone could come install the heater (it’s really weird but the showers here have these electrical things in them to heat the water…yeah only a little scar. One time I felt a little jolt and thought I was gonna die) but I can’t complain because two other friends on missions have mentioned in their emails that they didn’t have water at all this week…I thought I was learning to be a little more humble but apparently not! Haha 

February is going to be a great month. New room, new goals, new birthdays! (shout out to myself, Dan, & Gramps) 
So spiritual moment of the week – we have been teaching this guy who doesn’t believe in God. Yeah, I know. Long story short, he FINALLY said his very first prayer at the end of our last lesson. He didn’t know it, but he felt the Spirit when he prayed. He said he felt sensitive and got teary. It was so cool. You guys don’t even know…I got to hear someone talk to their Heavenly Father for the very first time in his life! And I KNEW He was listening. There is absolutely no doubt about that. If I’ve learned one thing in my last 3 months as a missionary, it’s that God loves His children. Like, a whole lot. More than we can imagine. And He misses us and really wants us to talk to Him while we’re away from home here on the earth. Just like you guys all miss me…right? 🙂 Well we can only communicate once a week but every second of everyday Heavenly Father is ready and waiting to see what messages we have for Him. Pretty sweet deal. 
Miss you all so very much. Thanks for the support & love & letters & prayers! 
Love from Lima
Hermana V

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