Come one, come all January 27, 2014

I honestly never know where to begin these emails….I wish I could just send you like a quick text or something everyday to give you a summary, that would be so much easier, wouldn’t it? Haha.

Well anyway, here we go.
Tender moment of the week: Last night we were climbing up the cerro (remind me to explain what the cerro is later) and passed by two cute little girls sitting on the steps. They were just staring at us and smiling as we passed, so I turned around to say hi. They were 7 and 5 and we talked to them for just a minute and then turned back to keep going. But then they ran after us and the 7 year old asked if we had a picture of Jesus to give her, because she wanted one to put in her backpack when she has a test. I don’t know about you but that just melted my heart! 
Okay and now something kind of funny. So I remember before I left thinking something along the lines of that I was not gonna let being a missionary make me awkward. And until the other day I guess I’ve already just gotten so used to missionary life that I didn’t realize how different it is…but anyway we are teaching the coolest guy ever. His name is Luis, he’s 31 and he’s super smart, the boyfriend of a lady in the ward. We always teach him with her at her family’s house. At the end of the lesson the other day Hermana Sassetti had to go to the bathroom so the girlfriend got up to show her where it was, just a few steps away down the hall, and they left me sitting there with Luis for literally like a minute but I was just like “ahhhh noooo I can’t be alone” and I looked at him and in my head was like “uhhh I forgot how to talk” and was thinking “come back, come back!” But later I thought it was funny how awkward I felt for just that short minute. After typing that out I don’t know if it’s actually that funny but oh well. 
One thing I love love love about Salamanca is that there are so many different types of people here. The elders have the part of the ward that’s more “tranquila” as we describe it. The houses are generally nicer and people have more money. And part of our area is like that, and there’s other parts that are way more crowded and crazy packed with people and it’s more humble. Some of our investigators are way smart and have lots of questions and wanna know all the facts. Some of them are way Catholic and think the Bible is perfect and all we need, and some others are way excited to learn that we’ve been blessed with more scriptures, the Book of Mormon. (Which in my opinion the way to be, I mean why would we complain to receive more of God’s word, how awesome is that?) Others have never been to any church in their life. Kids and adults…(by the way it’s so fun to teach the first vision to 14 year olds.) But what I’ve been learning is that the Gospel is for everyone. It’s been cool to have to teach so many different people with different needs but it’s great because we all have the same savior Jesus Christ and there is one restored Church that helps every one of his children come to Him. 
Crap out of time AGAIN….well okay next week I promise to send pictures! And I will actually write more like I say I will every week haha.
Love from Lima,
Hermana V

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