January 20, 2014

Okay so the CRAZIEST thing happened this week…it RAINED in Lima. I use the term “rain” lightly….a few drops of water fell from the sky. But wow it was awesome. Just a nice change from being fried every day.

Also, we have a huge problem, and it’s got to be the best problem any two missionaries could have. We have soooooo many people to teach! Seriously, people stop US and want to talk to us on the street. Heavenly Father puts someone in our path everyday, and we get tons of references. But it’s hard because it means our agendas fill up for the week in like a day and then we don’t have time to meet frecuently enough with the people we need to to be able to help them progess…..and let’s be real it doesn’t do much to teach a bunch of Lesson 1s and then go back two weeks later. I feel like we run from appointment to appoinment sometimes like chickens with our heads cut off and I don’t know what to do, cause we try to be like Jesus, ya know, and I doubt he ran around like a chicken with it’s head cut off when he taught His gospel.
Oh so funny moment of the week. We’re walking (we do that a lot) and this guy randomly stops us and proceeds to sing me the Star Spangled Banner! Hahaha I just loved it. So yeah, it is obvious that I’m not from here I guess.
Sorry this email is so short….I have a lot to catch you up on but I think I will go home and write it down so that next week I will already have it ready to go! I want to make these emails as detailed as possible cause I’m not writing in my journal as much as I should…woops. 
Love from Lima,
Ps. Somebody please tell Lindsay Townsend happy birthday from me! It’s today…oh wait…I mean Lindsay McPhee…she’s married now….right. Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your best friend who hasn’t heard from you for 3 months….hehe love love love you. Way to go for reaching 2 decades of life! 

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