January 13, 2014

Ummmm seriously? It’s Monday again? What?! Haha well I am officially one transfer down now….crazy. Oh yeah and I’ll be 20 in 3 weeks…what is going on with the time lately?!

So something an investigator said to me this week really hit me. He asked me and my companion why we were serving missions. I explained to him how I didn’t think I wanted to go at first and a mini version of the story of how I decided to go. After that he asked me if he could be honest with me and I said of course not knowing what to expect…but he said “If I really thought I knew the truth like you say you do, I wouldn’t have had to doubt for a minute about wanting to share it with other people.” And that just made me go “woah…” and I just said to him, you know what, you’re right! But the truth is I’m glad I had to take time to decide to be here because it made me strengthen my relationship with Heavenly Father and how important this really is. I couldn’t do this if I didn’t want to. 
A couple of weeks ago my companion and I started teaching someone she used to teach with her old companion but for whatever reason stopped having time to meet with the missionaries or something else, I don’t know. He is really great and has a lot of faith and has always prayed, but he would never ask God to help him know the truth. He told us he already knew everything we were teaching him was true, because he trusts us, and why would we lie to him? But we really encouraged him to actually read in the Book of Mormon and pray so that he could get his own testimony. Well anyway, we left him with a couple specific verses to make it easy. Well let me tell you, there was a huge difference in him the next time we came back because he’d read and prayed! All it took was for him to actually do something. And he is getting baptized on the 1 of next month. 🙂 At least that’s the plan….haha.
Also a new way we’re finding investigators is teaching English classes! The other hermana that used to be here taught English every Tuesday at the chapel. I mean I didn’t know what to expect cause I’ve never taught English before…but it was cool. Only one person came, somebody we contacted on a bus once. And he wanted to learn about the church so he asked if I’d teach him things about the gospel but in English. So it was a combined English/Restoration class! Pretty fun. 
Well of course there’s tons more but that’s all the quick stories I can remember for now. Ahh can someone just follow me around with a camera so that you can all know everything that’s going on? Cause there are so many amazing things happening, and I just wish I could share them with you all! Someday. 🙂
Hermana V

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