Monday January 6, 2014

Not as much to say this week, oh except THANK YOUUUUU. On Tuesday which was New Year’s Eve I got a second Christmas, my packages came! And a ton of letters! Wow, so much love. I loved everything! I am wearing one of my new shirts right now and those sour gummy worms were gone within an hour. I pretty much died laughing at Julie’s card. Oh and now that I have a voltage adaptor I can use my flat iron, yay! It was kind of funny cause when the zone leaders were handing out all the mail it was “Hermana Villarini, another one for Hermana Villarini, Hermana Villarini….” Yeah I probably reacted a little bit too excited haha. Not gonna lie it made me a teensy bit trunky for a few minutes and it was in the morning and I thought “Gosh I can’t go out and work now!” but actually, it’s easier because I know I have so much support. Not every missionary does. Say thanks to the Pearsons for me for the cute pillow cases oh and the Kershaws for their Christmas card! I was surprised by that one but it was great because I was reminded of Matt’s testimony that he gave in church the day after he came home and how hard it was for him to speak English with a Mexican accent and everything…and that makes me so hopeful to think about if I’m ever frustrated with Spanish. 

So a few random thoughts:
When I look at my tanlines, I can’t believe how white I used to be..and I’m STILL really white! 
You may not believe this, but I’m learning to listen and interrupt less. It’s a must for the mission – listening. 
Hearing people say they want to repent makes me so happy. I thought that one day and then realized wow, if I’m this happy, I can only imagine how Jesus, who KNOWS this person and suffered for them to be able to do this, how happy he must be when we want to repent! 
I realize everyday what a terrible member missionary I was before the mission. I had SO many perfect opportunities to share the gospel that I passed up, especially when we lived in Jersey. I remember one time I told the missionaries they could go visit my friend but not to tell them it was me who sent them! Silly…it’s something I want to fix when I come home. 
Another thing is that I used to think I didn’t have enough time for meaningful scripture study everyday. 1 hour seemed like an eternity! But I laugh at that now because it seems like hardly enough time at all. I want more! Especially since now I study to try and help the people we’re teaching…I could spend an hour on each one of them individually!
Sooooo many people think that it’s enough to just believe in God and Jesus and be a generally good person, and helping them understand why we need to LIVE this gospel and DO stuff like read and pray and go to church the golden word…bautizarse.. is important. It’s something I’m trying to study.
So remember that baptism that we were going to have that didn’t happen? Well it’s planned for January 18 now and it is FIJO. I am so excited because I love this girl. She is so sweet and she wants to go on a mission someday too! I’ll tell you more about her next week, and there’s lots of other people we’re working with that I’ll tell you about too! Love love love everyone. 
God be with you until we email again,
Hermana Villarini
PS. Happy 3 King’s Day! It’s not a thing here in Peru but I like to remember my Puerto Rican roots. 🙂

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