Hola from Salamanca!!!!

Wow I’m so sorry there is a ton I want to say but this week was so up and down for me again and I don’t know where to start! But for starters, not to make anyone jealous but I am in “lo mejor mision del mundo.” My mission president is so awesome. The morning we left the CCM we literally just walked over to the stake center next door and were in our mission, and we had this long orientation/training with him. I can tell I will love being here. And my area is really cool too! I’m in Salamanca in the zona San Luis. My companion is Hermana Sassetti from Santa Fe, Argentina. Unfortunately I forgot my camera but I’ll try to send a pic next week! 

So a couple things to give you a quick summary…
The people here are wonderful! But none of them are married…and they all work on Sunday…and they’re all Catholic…haha 
Rice, all day, everyday. 
I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…I can hardly believe it’s actually December or Christmastime cause it doesn’t feel like it at all! 
I spoke English the other day and it felt sooooo unnatural. Haha. 
I can feel your prayers and love. Please keep them coming cause I really need them! To be honest I have felt insecure and worried a few times this week but I just happened to find a couple scriptures that totally made me feel okay…coincidence? Probably not. Josh 1:9 and 2 Cor 12:9-10. Read them 🙂
My last week at the CCM I ran into Brad Van Wagenen from the stake in New Jersey at the temple who’s serving in the Lima North mission. That was crazy, and exciting! 
Sorry I know this email is kind of lame…I promise next week will be better with more details! What do you want to know anyways? If I can tell you one thing….it’s that the gospel is definitely TRUE. Every piece of it. And I am grateful to be here. Sometimes I stop and think “WOAH, I’m on a mission….in Peru….is this real?!?!” Haha and it really is! I miss you so much family. Pero vale la pena! 😉 I hope everyone is doing okay.
Soooo much love,
Hermana V
PS. Can someone please find out the family history story of the name Villarini? Everybody asks if I’m Italian and I’m always like “uhhhh no” haha. Also, how do I saw “dental hygiene” in Spanish? 😉 

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