Last Email from the CCM 11/27/13

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 9:26 AM
Woah…in less than a week I will finally be in el campo….ahhhh!!!! Haha so long to the MTC this is the last email you’ll get from me while I’m still here! Time is so wacked on the mission. I feel like I’ve been here forever but at the same time like I just got here two days ago. At times the CCM feels like an alternative EFY experience…and now that I’m almost out of here I’m kinda like “okay, that was a great mission time to go home!” But in reality my mission is just barely beginning. It only means I have a ton more to learn but also a ton more miracles to witness. How exciting!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I’ll be thinking about the fam. Miss you guys of course but it’s all good cause guess what? We may not be together this Thanksgiving but we will be together for eternity and that’s even better.
This week was full of highs and lows for me. A few of the highs were just some simple pleasures, things that I only appreciate so much as a missionary. Last week right after I got off the computer we went to eat and guess what was for dinner? Hamburgers and french fries!!! Ahhhhhh YUMMMM you have no idea how excited I was. It was no Crown Burger but nonetheless it was delicious to the taste. It was just a nice change from rice. By the way, did you know fry sauce on rice actually tastes pretty good? We have to get creative here. In all honesty the food at the MTC is pretty good it just took time to get used to. I’m way more nervous for the field because I can probably count on one hand (maybe two) how many times I’ve been able to finish everything on my tray…rough life for me and my small norteamericana stomach.
Another thing I’ll miss about the MTC is having a whole hour of physical activity everyday. I am such a nicer person after physical activity, it’s amazing! Haha so sorry I didn’t work out everyday when I was home. Seriously though I’m gonna miss it because it really lifts up my energy level and my attitude. I’m gonna miss seeing my buddies that I made here all the time too. Especially Hermana Waldron cause she’s going to Arequipa. And we wear each other’s clothes so when she leaves my closet size will be cut in half haha.
Also after the temple last week, instead of going to the marketplace we usually do our shopping at we went to this big store called Tottus which is basically a Walmart/Target. Guess what they had? Pantene! And Dove! And Maybelline! I seriously LIT up when I saw that aisle. Honestly when I got my call to Peru I imagined living in a hut and showering out of a bucket but Lima is a totally modern city and I can buy a lot of stuff here.
I’ve been doing pretty alright in the latino district! The first day I thought I was gonna die because when I met my companion, who’s from Chile, I couldn’t understand a word she said and she was talking so fast. I think the most different Spanish I’ve heard are the people from Chile and Argentina. Em, I hope I can understand you when we’re both home! But yeah my companion is Hermana Paris from Chile and she’s 19 too. That first night we met everytime I said something in Spanish she just gave me this blank stare…as if she was thinking “oh my gosh what am I gonna do with this gringa?!” And the first day of class with the new district was a serious wake up call. I thought I knew a lot of Spanish until all of a sudden that’s the only language anyone was speaking to me. I can only imagine trying to learn a language like Japanese or something else because truthfully Spanish is easy. I can’t wait to have that moment when all of a sudden I have a fluent conversation and I start thinking and dreaming in Spanish!
The first couple days I just kept thinking I could do this if it was in English! But then I sat and thought to myself: Girl, you prayed for this! And now you’re gonna complain that you’re being forced to learn? I seriously wanted to speak Spanish on my mission so bad. Then I also realized I understand almost everything. And after the first day my companion and I have been able to communicate just fine and have become friends. So it’s all good! I felt out of place at first but now I actually feel really comfortable. Ahora, soy latina.
There’s a TON of new missionaries (including my companion) all going to Lima East that got here last week so that’s exciting.
Oh yeah there was an earthquake yesterday! It was crazy haha cause I have never felt one before. But it was just a baby one that lasted for a couple minutes but still! It was kinda cool actually.
I have felt really inadequate a few times this week when we practice teaching and the situations are so hard. I feel like I keep realizing that my life has been so easy…how will I know how to help people with such difficult problems and help them realize how the gospel can help them? And it’s not even real yet! But I have to trust that Heavenly Father will change my heart and help me become an instrument in his hands, just like he can change the hearts of those I will teach.
Time to go again….sad. Next time you hear from me I’ll be preaching the word for real!
Mucho mucho mucho amor,
Hermana V
PS. for Josh Magleby (I hope you’re reading this)…I’m down one pair of shoes already! Haha 😉

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