Hey family!!!! Im typing on a Spanish keyboard and its really different haha…Anyway the MTC here in Lima is beautiful! I love it. Both of my flights went very smoothly…way better than I expected! They didnt even seem that long to me. It was a bit of a drive on a big bus from the airport to get here and I wont lie, we drove through a pretty sketch area…it was just really dirty and everybody was right about all the stray dogs! It made me sad. I have two cute companions, Hermana Harrop from Layton, and Hermana Huppe from Maine. We all flew here together and I think we will get along splendidly. This place is tiny compared to Provo. And the weather is perrrrfect! I feel very American here though haha. We didn’t actually get here til about 1 last night so we just crashed and today were receiving our materials and all that good stuff. We passed the temple on the way here and I cant wait to go there on our Pday next Thursday! Its gorgeous, of course. I’m not sure how I feel about the food yet but so far we’ve only had breakfast.
Its still a little hard to believe Im a missionary! When we were all at the airport and before we got our nametags, everyone was asking each others names and I kept going “Ama…uhhh…Sister Villarini” haha. But Ive decided that I just need to be fearless. After all, the Lord is with me. 🙂
Well I think its time to go…talk to you next week, nos vemos!
Hermana Villarini

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